Adrian Beyer

From left to right:

SiN: Suck It In, 2018
clay, ceramic paint, wire, cloth, string
3″ x 0.25″ x 0.13″each (for fingers)

Monarch, 2017
photograph, paper, wire, oil pastel, marker
22.5″ x 26″

With a delicate touch, Adrian Beyer’s Monarch utilizes layers of burned and marked pages to form a nest of butterflies.  His creative process is sparked by conflict, yet close examination reveals the care with which Beyer constructs his work. Monarch deals with information, and Beyer heightens our awareness of both the destruction and connection that comes from an inundation of knowledge and ideas springing forth like startled butterflies. His installations feature small, fragile details. Their intricacy and intimacy lend depth and nuance to the controversial issues they tackle. This duality simultaneously breaks and reunites our relationship with knowledge, inviting us to look closer. 

Adrian Beyer’s work appears in Imperfect In Its Cracks: Fragments Of Memory And Identity.