Portrait of the artist in the studio

Maya Beverly

Maya Beverly is a Georgia born artist, living and working in New York. Her most recent work explores how objects and adornments help us to perceive and define our existence, by being extensions of the body. She is inspired by both popular culture and ancient traditions, and will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from New York University in May 2020. Maya Beverly’s work was featured in The Inbetween, February 12 – February 16, 2020

Portrait of the artist in the studio

Mika Lee

Mika Sarina Lee was born in 1998 in Berkeley, California. Her work reacts to spatiality in art, architecture, and text. She uses a combination of found materials, collage, and drawing to both depict and inhabit indoor spaces. By arranging these elements, she calibrates the materials to their surroundings to reimagine interiority. Mika Lee’s work was featured in Beyond Objects, March 4 – March 8, 2020.

Portrait of the artist in the studio

Monique Muse

Monique Muse is from Bowie, Maryland but has yet to claim a place as her belonging. She seeks a holistic understanding of homeness through building her questioning and discoveries of it. This, along with a fascination in domestic construction methods and languages, lead to an infinite research that is currently documented through functional wooden forms and ambiguously specified photographs. In May 2020, she will be receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University. Monique Muse’s work was featured in Cellar / Attic, February 19 – February 23, 2020.

Portrait of the artist in the studio

Christine JiMin Park

Christine JiMin Park is a daughter, an introvert, and a wanderer through Seoul, Vancouver, and NYC. Her interdisciplinary work investigates both the physical and psychological movements and their effects on our perceptions of space and time in the context of memory. She will receive her Bachelor of Fine arts from New York University in May 2020. When she’s not working in her studio, she likes to crack a cup of crème brûlée while flipping through her old family photo albums. Christine JiMin Park’s work was features in The Life of Objects, March 11 – March 15, 2020

Portrait of the artist in the studio

Alyx Runyon

Alyx Runyon is an artist born in Los Angeles and currently residing in New York where they will receive their Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University in the spring of 2020. They are interested in expanding to a fuzzy logic, consistently working towards focusing on the multitude of variables and a lack of mutual exclusivities. Working with tech and sculpture they only hope to further their knowledge of building both sensible soft and hardware. Alyx Runyon’s work was featured in the Inbetween, February 12 – February 16, 2020.

Portrait of the artist the studio

Andy Wang

Andy Wang was born on an island in Southern China, 21 years ago. Legend says there was a huge storm before his birth. He loves both horrific monsters and anything fluffy. For the past five years, he has been using almost all of his free time to travel, and has found solace in nature, foreign cultures and fictional worlds. His works deal with the conflicts of an international identity and the beauty of a meaningless existence. If he has to choose between settling for the East and the West, he’d rather not choose at all. Andy will graduate from the…