Digitally manipulated portrait of the artist.

Rhea Barve

Rhea Barve was born in Mumbai and raised in Bangalore, India. She is interested in depicting physical and digital ecosystems. She loves ponds and is usually drawing, working with clay or watching videos about things growing. She will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University in Spring 2022. Rhea Barve

Portrait of the artist with the face intentionally obscured.

Talia Deane

Talia Deane was raised in the redwood forest, running through the trees, into the sea, and back again. They are curious about sites of ruin as spaces where natural and human systems are simultaneously in conflict and collaboration. Their multimedia installations and sculptures are explorations around nonlinear growth, centering life’s persistent return to sites of abandonment and devastation. In May 2021, they will receive their Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University.

Portrait of the artist in front of a blank white wall.

Sarah Goldman

Sarah Goldman is a twenty two year old artist from Long Island, New York. She is interested in painting, books, feminism, and queer theory. She is looking at artists Agnes Martin, Sarah Rapson, and Mamma Andersson, reading writers Simone Weil and Eileen Myles, and listening to musicians Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez.

Cropped photo of the artist, only showing a shoulder

Ebony Joiner

Ebony Joiner is a multidisciplinary sculptor who was born in Lockport, NY and raised in Dearborn Heights, MI. Her work has become a physical manifestation of a memory palace and is characterized by domestic construction methods, home videos, recorded phone calls, and chairs. She’s interested in memories and archives but mostly focuses on all the things that can’t be adequately stored in either. Her practice is a combination of people watching and maintaining silence and exists somewhere between a liquor store and a science lab. She likes the quiet and misses her family. Ebony will receive her Bachelor of Fine…

Portrait of the artist with doodles in blue ink over the image.

David Ma

David Ma is an Asian-American-born interdisciplinary artist, raised in New York and Virginia. He navigates the mediums of Ceramic sculptures, Painting, and Video Performances, as he searches under the clutter of mainstream American culture to look for the vibrant, often complicated portrayals of Asian representation in American culture, swept by misconceptions and surface-level privileges. He uses traditional eastern decorative motifs to contemporary westernized self-concepts to collage various beliefs into a cluster fuck of who he is and how he relates to society.

Detail of a drawing of the artist.

Nina Molloy

Nina Molloy is from Bangkok, Thailand. Her practice attends to her local surroundings and the peculiar things that gather in it. Working primarily in painting, she is interested in how the medium––existing as material and illusion––possesses its own historically and materially specific capacities to produce effects out-side and in-side of us. Her layered process involves structuring surface, volume, light and shadow, color and transparency, to mediate the space between tactility and transcendence, where matter meets mythology. Narrative, then, comes not only from imagery but from particular formal/sensuous qualities.

Portrait of the Artist in front of a blank white wall.

Delia Pelli-Walbert

Delia Pelli-Walbert is a multidisciplinary artist from New York City, who uses clay, video, and found materials to pursue ideas of storytelling and archive. Working from existing data, as well as internal narrative, Delia creates literal and metaphorical vessels to contain her meticulous observations. Her work often concerns biologic/geologic balance and decay. She will receive her BFA from New York University in Spring 2022.

Portrait of the artist over a white background.

Brock Riggins

Brock Riggins is interested in how good conversations interweave themselves, the gossip of 149 BC Rome, alligators, the length of the Indian Ocean, our relationship to seasons, motherhood, maps, the long histories of culinary ingredients, mining rare earth metals, walking down the street, Mediæval Europe, the country of Georgia, the color of icebergs, shepherds (biblical and otherwise), the responsibilities of the student, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, swimming, theatre, why painting peaked in late nineteenth-century France, the American West, and plumbing. He is a painter.

Portrait of the artist in front of a blank white wall.

Kris Waymire

Kris Waymire grew up in Baltimore Maryland. They make colorful work fueled by memories of power grids. They combine what does not belong together such as metal with ceramics, industrial with organic and digital with traditional.

Portrait of the artist in front of a blank white wall,

Caleb Williams

Caleb Williams is an activist and an interdisciplinary artist, who brings her audience into her world by challenging and inspiring the viewer through her mediums of paintings, photography, and video work. She is currently receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts at New York University. Growing up in Queens, New York gives Williams the perspective of witnessing the different characteristics of a diverse community, such as fashion, poverty, art culture, gentrification, injustice, and diversity, that she implements through her art practice into each art piece. Through her work, she seeks to capture, challenge, and reinterpret the beautiful, the ugly, and the…