Dora Duan

Fall, 2020
acrylic on canvas
20 ” x 20″

In Dora Duan’s atmospheric painting Fall, from her series The Season, Duan explores fragmentation as a generative and creative exercise. Fall encourages the viewer to imagine and synthesize their own narrative as the construction of the space reads like a cut out of a larger scene. The wilting flowers, muted tones, and somber milieu evoke personal memories for the artist while encouraging the beholder to consider what emotions can be teased out from the piece’s limited scope. Duan’s myopic, cropped scene presents an intimate yet vague impression of autumn. By splintering space, the body, and condensing the entirety of autumn, Duan presents the trifling pieces of a portrait as indicative of an all-encompassing experience.

Dora Duan’s work appears in Imperfect In Its Cracks: Fragments Of Memory And Identity.