Elexa Jefferson

Elexa Jefferson

Artist Statement

Her influences are film and story-telling, late-night walks, dreams, homes, and instinct.  In her work, she sees that her influences reveal themselves in her inclinations toward abstraction, alteration, and historical and narrative motifs.
It is all about the maker and the hand.

The hand is something the maker admires.  She remembers the nimble and angularly bent fingers of the woman who demonstrated the ability of the hand.  The maker stared at those hands and tried to understand how.

Her work is the attempt to understand.


Elexa is from the East Coast, was raised by her mom and films on TNT, and once believed she controlled the tides of waves on the Jersey beach with her mind.  Currently, Elexa is an artist living and working in New York City. She is enrolled in the undergraduate program of New York University and will soon graduate.  This past summer she had the pleasure to attend Yale Norfolk Summer School of Art.

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