Ila Krishnamoorthy

Photo by Anika Larsen
Photo by Anika Larsen

Artist Statement

What is the work of a madman? Well it is certainly not Ila’s, no no no. Ila Krishnamoorthy, who? Her? Oh her work it’s, hmmm, I don’t really know.


Ila Krishnamoorthy was born in the New Jersey suburbia of 1994 to the sound of Fleetwood Mac slowly lulling her to sleep in the soft warmth of her father’s bushy arms. She attended a somewhat prestigious boarding school and graduated in 2013 with not-so-high honors. She received her BFA in studio art from New York University in just five short years! She is currently an artist living the high life in New York’s lucrative waitressing scene. She’s your modern day do-it-all woman! She is known by friend and foe alike to be a multidisciplinary artist primarily working in sculpture, performance, and video installation.  She has shown her work in the Commons and Rosenberg galleries at NYU as well as in Broadway Windows, 80WSE Gallery, and The National Arts Club. Krishnamoorthy has given talks at FIT and at the 2016 MACAA conference at the university of Cincinnati.

Ila Krishnamoorthy’s work was featured in “11:30 playdate,” curated by Megan DiNoia.

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