NYU Curatorial Collaborative

2022 Exhibitions



A Virtual Exhibition Opening Thursday February 24, 2022
Curators: Andy Ho Tung Cheng, Elyse Howell, Sofia Ohmer, and Grace Oller.
Artists: Isabella Crespo, Ari Kim, Melonie Knight, Isabella Kurkulis, Sophie Lewis, Catherine Wang McMahon, Amalia Mederios, Sonia Miklaucic, John Payiavlas, and Hannah Rothbard.


February 3 – March 6, 2022
NYU Project Space
80 Washington Square East
New York, NY 10003

February 3 – February 6
The Universal in the Personal 

Curator: Juul Van Haver
Artists: David Ma & Caleb Williams

February 10 – February 13
We Used to Hold Hands in the Corner

Curator: Barbie Kim
Artists: Sarah Goldman & Nina Molloy

February 17 – February 20
In Search of Vibrant Matter

Curator: Eve Sperling
Artists: Brock Riggins & Rhea Barve

February 24 – February 27
Art of the In-between

Curator: Allison Carey
Artists: Delia Pelli-Walbert & Kris Waymire

March 3 – March 6
Make Space / Give Place

Curator: Madi Shank
Artists: Talia Deane & Ebony Joiner

These projects are currently on view for NYU community members with the Daily Screener, Thursday – Sunday from 12–6 pm. The virtual exhibition is online and available to all.