Recent instances of social injustice, natural disasters, and the global pandemic enable retrospective and introspective reflections across spatial, emotional, and time-based dimensions. Liberation comes when one can openly engage with issues regarding politics, class, race, gender, sexuality, and social relations. The artists of Retro/Intro explore these themes with artworks that consider what it means to live in one’s body, hold one’s trauma, and express internalized reflections through creativity. As the prefixes “retro” and “intro” suggest going backward and inward, many artists look towards their pasts at family legacies and lineages to evaluate how the line of ancestry has pierced their respective lives. Other artists in this exhibition expand beyond the inner self toward the external state of the global climate. Contemplating the intersection between the personal and the universal, these artists use their own narratives to tell larger, communal stories in this multimedia digital exhibition featuring Isabella Crespo, Ari Kim, Melonie Knight, Isabella Kurkulis, Sophie Lewis, Catherine Wang McMahon, Amalia Mederios, Sonia Miklaucic, John Payiavlas, and Hannah Rothbard.

This show is co-curated by Andy Ho Tung Cheng, Elyse Howell, Sofia Ohmer, and Grace Oller.

Opening February 22th, 2022
The Virtual Commons @ The Barney Building

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