Talia Rudofsky

Overhead view of the artist in her studio.

Talia Rudofsky is a Visual Artist in her Senior Year of her BFA degree in Studio Art and Liberal Studies at New York University.

Image making and the production and distribution of images is employed in Rudofsky’s work. Coming from the photo program at The California Institute of the Arts, Talia has ruminated over the importance of an archive, as well as referencing stock and pop imagery. Much like other artists that came out of CalArts that subsequently formed the Pictures Generation, which has become integral to Talia’s practice and engagement of institutional critique.

Her practice falls under a multidisciplinary approach, where she translates these investigations of colloquial normality into tangible works to critique and isolate these different archetypes. Rudofsky’s work engages with iconic imagery that is associated with England, where she includes references of football, politics, monarchy and her personal interaction with certain traditional objects or ‘chachkas’ that she has collected overtime.