The artist in their studio with figurative paintings in the background.

Natalia Palacino Camargo

Natalia Palacino Camargo (b. 2001) is a Colombian artist born in Bogotá D.C. and based in New York City. Through her work, she is interested in pushing the boundaries of the body and exploring how it is impacted by the cultural, social, and environmental landscape of Colombia and the USA. For the past years, she has explored the overarching theme of “body politics” in an attempt to understand the practices and systems through which the human body is regulated. The paradoxical control that human animals possess and exert over our environment and the battle over individual and social control over…

The artist in their studio. Several brightly colored paintings of interior and exterior scenes are in the background.

Regina Escobedo Guerra

Regina Escobedo Guerra is a NYC based artist from Guadalajara, Mexico in her final year at New York University. Escobedo is pursuing a Bachelor in Fine Arts and a minor in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology. As a multidisciplinary artist, Regina primarily works with oil paint. Through her use of pattern-making and vibrant colors, she creates autobiographical spaces influenced by her Mexican roots and her life in New York City. 

Talia Rudofsky

Talia Rudofsky is a Visual Artist in her Senior Year of her BFA degree in Studio Art and Liberal Studies at New York University. Image making and the production and distribution of images is employed in Rudofsky’s work. Coming from the photo program at The California Institute of the Arts, Talia has ruminated over the importance of an archive, as well as referencing stock and pop imagery. Much like other artists that came out of CalArts that subsequently formed the Pictures Generation, which has become integral to Talia’s practice and engagement of institutional critique. Her practice falls under a multidisciplinary…

Elsa Stern

Born in Rochester, New York, Elsa Stern is a current undergrad at the Steinhardt BFA Program. Elsa is an Artist who works in mixed media, with a strong focus in ceramic sculpture and painting. Much of her work illustrates internal conversations and conflicts in the hopes to bring them to the surface of discourse and conversation with others.

Youyi Echo Yan

Youyi Echo Yan (b.2000, lives/ works in New York City) Yan’s works usually present the metamorphosis of bodies in different contexts. She creates research-driven art that is based on a myriad of academic fields. Lately she explores the idea of mutated physical and cognition of the body in philosophy of mind, Zoology, Anthropology, and Eroticism in the forms of mixed-media sculpture. Yan is pursuing a Studio Art major at New York University. Recent exhibitions include: Island of Light, at 559 W 23rd Street, New York, 2022. Werewolf/Ferryman (Relic), at Commons Gallery, 34 Stuyvesant St, New York, 2022.