Portrait of Oona Bebout

Oona Bebout

Oona Bebout is an artist from Parrottsville,TN who is currently based in Brooklyn. Her work explores texture, memory, and vulnerability, creating a body of work that is subtle and organic. Although primarily working in sculpture, Oona uses various mediums in order to investigate the connection between the natural world and the human body in space, calling upon her own fascination with organic textures and forms as an entry point into the creation of her work. She will receive her BFA from New York University in May of 2021.

Portrait of Yinan Chen

Yinan Chen (Rebecca)

Yinan Chen (Rebecca) is from Shanghai, China, and will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University with a minor in Media, Culture, and Communication in the Spring of 2021. Her work explores the existence of the female body in society today and the intimate relationship between our body and individual space. She deals with themes such as intimacy, vulnerability, feminine gaze, beauty, solitariness, the individual sense of self and being by pulling the viewers into a state of mind, an emotional landscape that is created for “self-conversations”.

Portrait of Naava Guarca

Naava Guaraca

Naava Guaraca is a painter/printmaker born and raised in New York City. She is committed to a deep investigation into her familial history, reconstruction of personal narrative, and the material function of oil paint. Her practice is currently focused on invention of memory and the recreation of intimate home spaces in both New York and Ecuador. She likes to make pasta and rub her cat’s ears. She will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts from New York University in May 2021.

Portrait of the artist

Derek Koffi-Ziter

Derek Koffi-Ziter is a 22 year old artist and educator. Born and raised in western Massachusetts and later moving to New York City for university, they are currently working on their bachelors degree in photography/fine art  and their masters of art education at New York University. Their artistic practice is one of flux and constant introspection, continuously changing, growing and adapting to their surroundings. Connection to space and people is a throughline throughout all of their work across mediums. Switching seamlessly between analog and digital mediums to create a narrative that is uniquely them. An artistic abstraction of their life and a manifestation of their innermost fears…

Portrait of Les-Lie

Les-Lie Lopez

Les-lie López is a multidisciplinary artist that is based in The Bronx. Their work covers an array of topics beyond identity politics. López’s work is glamorous, and healing to the luchadores in silenced communities who continue to fight for visibility. López believes that their responsibility in art-making is to lend a hand in re-establishing the connection with artists, and the white eurocentric art world. Their work in Unwillingly Sazonado and Morado is specifically dedicated to the marginalized communities that have built an avenue for artists like López to continue their passion for art-making.

Portrait of the artists

Eleisha Faith McCorkle & Tonisha Hope McCorkle

D.C. born, Hyattsville raised twins Eleisha Faith McCorkle & Tonisha Hope McCorkle are currently seniors attending New York University majoring in Studio Art, with minors in Social & Cultural Analysis and Psychology, respectively. Individually, one is skilled in drawing, printmaking, and digital art while the other is a painter and ceramicist. They combined artistic qualities in their junior year show, “OUR SKIN, OUR LOGO.” Since then, they have decided to come together for their senior body of work at NYU. Formerly enrolled in the Visual and Performing Arts program at the Jim Henson School of Arts, Media, and Communication in…

Portait of Giovanna Pedrinola

Giovanna Pedrinola

Giovanna Pedrinola was born in São Paulo, Brazil and is currently living in New York City. Her most recent mixed media works explore connections between the physical body and the subconscious mind in an attempt to comprehend our existence. This combined with her fascination of ancient traditions, architecture, dance, music, textiles, rituals and cosmology, generate a continuous research currently archived as text and images. In May 2021 she will be receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts from New York University.

Camila Rodriguez

Camila Rodriguez Jimenez is a Colombian artist based in New York City who uses her interest in cultural anthropology and history to investigate the socio-cultural diversity of her country. She defies the colonial history by presenting imagery that challenges the traditional visual culture with folklore and colour. With each piece, she celebrates tradition as much as she exposes the hardship that accompanies it. By participating in Unwillingly Sazonado y Morado she wants to bring to light the overlooked narrative that sits behind the narrowed stereotypes of violence and the “exotic savage” around her identity. 

Portrait of the artist

Isabella Wang

Isabella Wang is an artist and writer who has too much time to think about her own dysfunction and mental illnesses. She is fascinated with perception, self-awareness, absurdity, the sub-conscious, and a tireless effort to feel known to herself and to be vulnerable with others. She creates art, poetry, and auto-fictive prose-works out of sheer and unrelenting instinct, a purist and unrestricted mode of expression borne out of constantly changing emotional states and a curiosity about the ways in which language and images are both, in their own ways, inadequate forms of expressing the consciousness and the self. Though she will never…

Shane Weiss

Shane Weiss is a New York based visual artist. They work mainly in abstract sculpture as well as special effects makeup. As a transgender artist, much of their work deals with the body and its fluidity, gender, sexuality, the grotesque and the abject. They are interested in presenting the body in new ways that become abstracted, the physicality of the body is emphasized rather than its implications; a focus on the qualities of an orifice rather than the location of it. They are also exploring through their work the concept of concavity and the materiality of absence. Weiss will receive…