Emma Strebel

Photo by Caleb Savage

Artist Statement

As I walk down the hall, I notice a line of shadow that the overhang casts. Similar to the visible light beams of spotlights on a foggy stage, this “shadow beam” line is visible because of the sun rays that shine through the dense, soupy mist. Each step I take, I notice the “shadow beam” appear and disappear while aligning and breaking connection with it. Later in the day, the shadow beam disappears all together; after the fog burns off, the visible line vanishes.

I work with light, shadows, ice, balance and edges. Their elusive, ever changing nature intrigues me. My investigation of these materials demands time and stillness as I capture the sensation of subtle change over long periods of time. I open the door to an awareness that meditates on impermanence. In an age where technology perpetually forces us to filter rather than focus, my work challenges our desire for immediate gratification and rewards patience and reflection with a simple moment.


Emma Strebel (1993) was born and raised in San Francisco, CA. She is an NYU BFA graduate, 2015. Throughout her undergraduate career, Strebel participated in many art shows in NYC, including a solo show at The Broadway Windows, and group shows at The Mess, The Commons Gallery, 80 Washington Square East Gallery, The Deutsches Haus, The Outer Room and The Alchemical Studios. Internationally, Strebel has shown work in Paris at Cafe et bière aujourd’hui. While at NYU, Strebel worked as an installation gallery assistant, a shop monitor, interned in galleries including Kate Werble Gallery, Pier 24, and Creativity Explored and assisted artists in their studios. Strebel is a Global Academic Fellow at NYU Abu Dhabi for the 2015-2016 academic year.

Interview with the artist (PDF): Emma Strebel

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