Marta Murray

Marta Murray

Artist Statement

Marta Murray’s work pays homage to billboards: large and clear, saturated
and sparkling, poorly designed and easily spotted. The firework outlet is a sad
warehouse off a highway exit; few people would know of its existence without
signs. Illusionistic depth in painting fell short one day, and Murray was there. She
reminds us that faux finish includes venetian plaster, contact paper, faux wood
paneling, plastic over couches, the myth of upward social mobility, and saran
wrap over windows. From a certain distance, these textures are believable,
however, Murray’s installations reveal themselves to be unstable beneath their
paper folds. Her work abides by the logic of excess as opulence- until that same
heap becomes a landfill, and you are drunk at a kid’s birthday party. Her primary
interest is the tipping point.


Marta Murray is a Chicago-born artist living and working in New York City. In May
2018 she will receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from New York University
with a concentration in 2D mediums. Her recent work consists of over-saturated,
unhealthy paper installations that dance with the defintion of comfortable
distance. In recent years she has worked closely with Brooklyn-based artist
Jennifer Durbin aiding her studio practice. Murray’s work has been exhibited in
Chicago, New York and Berlin. Additionally, she has interned at Studio Scrivo
and PSM Gallerie in Berlin.

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