Nora Normile

Photo by Caleb Savage

Artist Statement

My work is not bound by any specific medium. No one method of making has ever taken priority over another, or at least not for long. I attempt to erase and augment my personal histories as well as histories that are not my own through the work I make. These histories have only left behind fragments, hints as to what they used to be. That idea shows itself in my work through stains, nicks, and seemingly organic marks that are present many of the pieces I make. The mark of the artists hand is one thing, but I’m more concerned with a history of marks, an accumulation that is not only a product of one set of hands or histories, but many and how each of those inform one another and morph into one. The process of condensing disparate material. Through this lens, I’m also interested in addressing feminism and questions of the female experience. I ask questions of the reality of “girlhood” and what that means, how does that exist? And how do these ideas of anxiety and accumulation function within the “girls’ world.” What form do those marks, nicks, and stains take in that world?


Nora Normile was born in New York in 1992 and currently lives and works in Brooklyn. Her work has been a part of shows at Brooklyn Fireproof, Bruce High Quality Foundation, Berlinische Galerie, NYU’s 80WSE Gallery, as well as numerous apartment and pop-up shows around Brooklyn.

Interview with the artist (PDF): Nora Normile

Barred From Regionals, 2014 pencil, colored pencil on found laminate on particle board 2’X12”
Joshua Tree, 2014 Oil on ply wood 12”x9”
Untitled (headboards), 2014 Down comforter, wood, staples 5’X2.5’
Untitled (cups), 2014 oil on found ply wood
Asking For It, 2015 T­shirts, shop towels, floral dress, thread 8’X6′