Pricila Modesto

Scarcity, 2020
site specific installation
dimensions variable

Pricila Modesto explores splintered memory and materials in her multimedia participatory installation piece, Scarcity. Modesto installed three-dimensional ceramic tiles inside of a plastic pool to encourage interaction; the viewer can walk across these stones as if they are walking on water itself. Modesto encourages her audiences to meditate and reflect upon the disparate materials that constitute one’s everyday life, especially those often taken for granted. Clean water, a life-giving source, is not always guaranteed. She simultaneously explores the materiality of different substances, with clay and water cohabitating. Modesto considers her time in Lisbon in this piece, connecting it sensorily to transient moments and the ethereal experience of walking through the city’s cool ponds. 

Pricila Modesto’s work appears in Imperfect In Its Cracks: Fragments Of Memory And Identity.