Rhiannon Thomas

From left to right

Feast, 2020
Video projection/performance

Beads, 2020
Video projection

Rhiannon Thomas’ video work, Feast, is a short but powerful loop. The artist eats themself again and again, subsisting more and more on their own flesh. Made during quarantine, the video loop presents a confrontation with themself, born of isolation and reflection. Their video work deals in simultaneous fascination and discomfort of their audience.The cinematic, gothic background highlights the macabre interaction. Thomas plays with identity, appearance, and disruption, and Feast is a meditation on all three. They confront the camera, unafraid of our judgement. Feast is an intimate reckoning with oneself, acting out both destruction and nourishment with the flair of gothic theatrics.

Rhiannon Thomas’ work appears in Imperfect In Its Cracks: Fragments Of Memory And Identity.