Susannah Liguori


Photo by Maddie Cordoba

Artist Statement

I have always been interested in the little bits. The things we choose to preserve the things we choose to get rid of both physical and non physical. I am interested in the point at which these bits become something greater than they actually are. We all have these bits. Some choose to ignore the bad bits in order to function or save the bits they find value in. The bits can grow, they can flourish, and we can put them in a vase and preserve them with water, wrap them up tightly sealing them in, hang them on a wall in a frame, or put them on a pedestal. The line between a craft, a domestic functioning object, a piece of trash and a work of “art” is a line I try to tickle in my work. In thousands of years the bits preserved, the things that survive, how humans choose to categorize them, keep or dispose of them interests me.


Susannah Liguori has never willingly finished or started a puzzle crossword or regular. She has one lazy pupil and sweats more under her left armpit than her right, which she is self conscious about. Until she recently she bought her shoes half a size too small and learned that the correct pronunciation is “laptop” not “labtop”. She lost her first front tooth in a hot dog which she finished and never learned her twelve times tables. Her only allergy is to mango specifically dried.

Susannah Liguori’s work was included in “no time like the present. for ghosts” curated by Kathleen Robin JoyceDownload exhibition catalog (PDF)


Ila Krishnamoorthy in conversation with Susannah Liguori
Ila Krishnamoorthy in conversation with Susannah Liguori

Selected Works

"French Kissing," 2015 Laser-etched steel
“French Kissing,” 2015
Laser-etched steel
"Say It With Flowers," 2016
“Say It With Flowers,” 2016
"Up Sleeves," 2016
“Up Sleeves,” 2016
"no time like the present. for ghosts," 2016 (installation view)
“no time like the present. for ghosts,” 2016
(installation view)