Tiffany M. Apostolou

Tiffany M. Apostolou is a curator and art historian who specializes in cross-temporal art historical research. With a background in architecture, Tiffany explores connections between Byzantine, and Contemporary artistic practices focusing on sensual effects within designed spaces. Graduate of the Polytechnic University branch of Architecture and Design, Patras, Greece and MA candidate at the Institute of Fine Arts, she has lived and worked in both Greece, and the United States. Tiffany has collaborated with Greek contemporary artists in Athens, Patras and New York, and has also held positions within the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as The Drawing Center. Her experiences range from museum communications and marketing, to curatorial research and practice.


In the 2015 -2016 season of the NYU Curatorial Collaborative, Apostolou organized the exhibition Allure – Delicious and Profound featuring the work of artists Dae Young Kim and Rebecca Salmon.