Victoria Sherwood

Victoria Sherwood
Generated to be noticed when love takes time
Ceramic frame, monoprint, needle felted wool & colored pencil on paper
5 x 5 x 18 inches

In an age where automation prevails, Victoria Sherwood’s drawings stand out for their emphasis on the hand-drawn process. Through trial and error, Sherwood reinterprets cultural symbols and references in a deeply personal and emotional journey. Generated to be noticed when love takes time is a testament to the artist’s commitment to the laborious process of drawing, and a reminder of the power of individual expression.

Generated to be noticed when love takes time features a sketch of the human body set within a photograph frame. Sherwood’s exploration of the contrast between the materiality of the frame and the organic nature of the human form invites us to consider the relationship between our physical selves and the constructed world around us. Through her use of the human body, Sherwood provokes a concern for the modern society’s abandonment of vulnerability and imperfection, exploring the isolating effects of social media and the attention economy on our relationships with ourselves and others.

Victoria Sherwood’s work appears in Open House: Object-making as a Therapeutic Practice.