Way Out / Away Out

Curated by Haley S. Pierce
Artists: Anna MarchiselloPhoebe Louise Randall
February 21 – 25
Opening February 21, 5pm – 7pm, at 80WSE Gallery

programThe New York University Curatorial Collaborative presents Way Out / Away Out, the third show in the 2017 Senior Honors Studio exhibition series. The series will feature five, single week exhibitions and will run from February 7th through March 11th at the 80WSE Gallery Project Space. This is the third year of the student-led initiative designed to connect graduate students in art history from the Institute of Fine Arts with undergraduates in Steinhardt School’s Department of Art and Art Professions.

Way Out / Away Out is an evolving and interactive show curated by Haley S. Pierce, featuring multi-media work by Anna Marchisello and Phoebe Louise Randall with contributions by Madeline McCormack, Torin Geller, and Justin Faircloth. Manipulated and embedded in process and surfacing in reaction, Marchisello and Randall play with the idea of nuanced chance to inform both audience and self. Using recycled material combined with original compositions, both explore the role of human experience through intentional spaces of ambiguity left open for interpretation.

Marchisello is interested in the uncertain, unsaid, once familiar and unfamiliar, simultaneously specific yet unclear. She plays the part of choreographer and director, isolating and re-contextualizing her textual, visual, and audio material while seeking to create instances of doubt, curiosity, and feeling in the reaction of her viewers.

Her process referred to as fugitive, Randall allows chance through previously altered material to dictate her work. Rooted in repetition, Randall has developed a language of symbols which appear serially in her paintings and spill over onto subsequent pieces, creating an ongoing dialogue that questions individual understanding of obscure form.
























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